Better life style for better health includes diet and exercise.

Welcome to Coastal Paleo!

I have several reasons for starting this website. One is to share with those interested in health and fitness, especially those who may be seniors, like myself, and wanting to make changes in their lives, mainly dietary and fitness. Of course, I am not a doctor or nutritionist, so I am not here to be an advisor. I'm just sharing things that have helped me change my life.

Cathy jumping

Another reason is to share fitness ideas. I found that attending a gym didn't give me the type of workout I was looking for. I despise the workout machines and don't care to hamster on a treadmill (another machine). I like weight training with free-weights and a variety of aerobics, including kickboxing, step, HiiT, any interval training, plyometrics, etc. I like my workouts to be fun and varied. My husband and I walk a lot (sometimes barefoot), hike (I like interval trail running when we hike), and my general outlook is, “If it's not fun, why bother!”

I also love cooking, and since becoming Paleo, cooking has become a great joy. I have a recipe page for those who are interested, and there are links to some other websites with recipes from cooks who are way better than I am. I am always looking to learn more about cooking, so I welcome input and ideas from others.

I am especially hoping to find folks on the Central Oregon Coast who are interested in fitness and Paleo nutrition to share ideas with.